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We have a simple mission, to help you nurture your prospects. Building strong relationships that are mutually beneficial. Prospect databases are expensive to create, so why see it as just a list of potential sales and contacts? Successful companies reach out and totally engage with each one of their prospects.

Helping you build effective relationships with your prospects is our priority and that means focussing on the key messages that you need to convey. It also means mining down into just exactly what you need to say, without all the superfluous statements and sales clichés that will quickly alienate a prospect.

Treat your prospects as individuals, as though you have a message for each, as though you were speaking across a table with eye-to-eye contact. Too many marketing techniques actually create barriers and drive away potential prospects.

See you database as a huge area of opportunity, one that we can help you fully convert. Successfully nurture your prospectss and you will see the results in better sales and improved profits. This isn’t rocket science, but sensible marketing that allows you to reap the rewards.


A global team with local engagement


Celsius GKK International


Celsius GKK International is part of the WPP Group, the world’s largest advertising group. We offer multi-national corporations a range of demand generation services for multi-country B2B direct marketing and lead generation projects.


IIH Nordic


With more than 10 years of experience in online marketing services, IIH Nordic provides all localised services ranging from Google AdWords, banners, Facebook and Search engine optimisation to online reputation management, landing pages and microsites in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. IIH Nordic helps companies with their online business and online marketing in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and provides a single point of entry into 3 very different markets for foreign companies.


Blue Projects


Over more than 20 years we have proven experience in the B2B IT Industry as an international agency offering field marketing products and services.


Blue Business


Blue Business is a BtB communication agency that delivers results in international markets through deep insight, precise go-to-market strategies and effective lead-generation tools. We help you optimize your marketing investment in order to meet your business goals.




We are a 20 year old boutique Business Development house that concentrates on increasing new and repeat sales performance. Our clients range from Blue Chip to smaller companies across almost all sectors including Professional and Financial Services, Manufacturing and Distribution.




The commarco group consolidates leading agencies providing communications and marketing services in the German-speaking region.


The Social Effect


Old School Content


The content marketing agency


Some of the companies we are proud to work with.


Don't just take our words for it!

"Celsius has successfully replaced our current prospect management data platform and now facilitates the management of prospect data while reducing our maintenance cost significantly. The solution supports import, storage and de-duplication of Novell's data according to our business rules and high quality standards."
- Richard W. Bradford, Global Marketing Director

"The biggest difference with Celsius is their ability to innovate and deliver real value. Celsius’ solutions enabled behavioral targeting, and for the first time Dell EMEA was able to leverage the customer’s journey and support all the direct vehicles across the EMEA region from a central Marketing Database."
- Samuel Josserand - EMEA Marketing Manager


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